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Figural Okimono

Figural Okimono

Figural Okimono

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Meiji Period - 19th century

The Okimono - 置物, is Japanese meaning "ornament for display”. These beautifully carved sculptures we primarily carved from Ivory, but other materials were used depending on the subject. The Okimono were typically displayed in a  alcove (tokonoma)  or on an altar (butsudan). This very finely carved and detailed antique ivory Okimono of a fisherman holding an oar and accompanied by a child holding a toy boat is beautifully rendered. Elegant flowing lines were a hallmark of the better carvers. Many of these Okimono were not signed. This exceptional sculpture is signed 'Seigetsu', Created in the later half of the 19th century. A beautifully preserved example of this remarkable art form.  6 1/4" Tal x 2 2/3 diameter.

*Note* this item is a restricted trade item and antique that meets the requirements of CITES documentation.

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