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Head of Perseus Ancient Greek Coin Necklace

Head of Perseus Ancient Greek Coin Necklace

Head of Perseus Ancient Greek Coin Necklace

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Beautifully crafted sterling silver necklace with an authentic ancient coin by California jeweler Erez Epshtein. 16" sterling silver chain with 2" extender.

This sterling silver pendant is set with a genuine ancient Greek coin from 1st Century BCE.

Denomination: AE (Bronze) Coin Date: 85-65 BC

Description: Pontus, Amisos AE 22mm. ca 85-65 BC. Obverse: Head of Perseus right, in helmet with griffin crest Reverse: Pegasos grazing left monogram below.

History: The two main sources regarding the legendary life of Perseus—for he was an authentic historical figure to the Greeks— are Pausanias and the Bibliotheca, but from them we obtain mainly folk-etymology concerning the founding of Mycenae. Pausanias asserts that the Greeks believed Perseus founded Mycenae. He mentions the shrine to Perseus that stood on the left-hand side of the road from Mycenae to Argos, and also a sacred fountain at Mycenae called Persea. Located outside the walls, this was perhaps the spring that filled the citadel's underground cistern. He states also that Atreus stored his treasures in an underground chamber there, which is why Heinrich Schliemann named the largest tholos tomb the Treasury of Atreus. Apart from these more historical references, we have only folk-etymology: Perseus dropped his cap or found a mushroom (both named myces) at Mycenae, or perhaps the place was named from the lady Mycene, daughter of Inachus, mentioned in a now-fragmentary poem, the Megalai Ehoiai. For whatever reasons, perhaps as outposts, Perseus fortified Mycenae according to Apollodorus along with Midea, an action that implies that they both previously existed. It is unlikely, however, that Apollodorus knew who walled in Mycenae; he was only conjecturing. In any case, Perseus took up official residence in Mycenae with Andromeda.


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