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Ruskin Crystalline Vase

A large crystalline drip glazed vase, dated 1930
Sales price: $1,400.00

A very large and well formed stoneware vase with blue and cream crystalline drip glaze. A very large and impressive piece. Pottery impressed seals with date stamp 1920. No flaws on this piece. In 1898 William Howson Taylor with his father, Edward Richard Taylor, established a small art pottery in Smethwick near Birmingham England. This was later to take the name of Ruskin after the great Victorian writer and art critic. Ruskin Pottery is noted for its remarkable and individual glazes developed by Taylor who drew inspiration from oriental techniques. The quality of the wares produced make Ruskin Pottery some of the most original and desirable work available. The pottery closed in 1933 followed in 1935 by the death of William Howson Taylor who made sure all records of glaze recipes were destroyed after the factory closed thereby creating a mystery as to exactly how he achieved his wonderful effects.

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