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Ben Owen Chinese Form Vase

A stoneware vase with heavy white glaze, potters stamp, circa 1960's
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A charming stoneware Chinese form vase, with heavy white glaze over red ground clay. Artist's pottery stamp "Ben Owen, Master Potter" circa 1960's. Master potter Ben Owen, Sr. (1904-1983) admired early oriental pottery displayed in museums and collections and translated those works into his own style of pottery. Ben Owen Sr. founded the Old Plank Road Pottery in 1959 after leaving the Jugtown Pottery.. He was dedicated to continuing the ?new? tradition of making the shapes and colors he had developed from research encouraged by the owners of Jugtown, rather than the mass-produced methods adopted by Jugtown?s then leadership. The Old Plank Road Pottery continued to operate with son, Ben Jr. trying his hand at the wheel and assisting with the glazing and firing of the groundhog kiln. Potter Farrell Craven was hired to make some of the functional items for the pottery in the late 1960?s. Ben Owen Sr. retired from making pots in 1972 due to complications with his health.

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